At the QualiMeds Collective, we aim to provide nothing but top quality Medical Cannabis strains and products to those in need. We ensure to provide a positive, safe and clean environment with professional & resourceful staff always ready to help. Our elite team will get to know each patient’s medical needs and preferences on an exclusive personalized level as they frequent QualiMeds Collective and our sister companies. Our goal is to help you learn which products and different strains are best suited to each individual, and to provide many different forms and options of medicating that are just right for your condition that will provide beneficial opportunities for our members to enrich their lives. In the Cannabis industry there are lots of treatments and options for many different sicknesses, illnesses and medical conditions. Our team realizes that for some people it may not be an easy thing to discuss their condition for personal or other reasons. We assure you that we are very understanding, informative, kind and very discreet about each clients personal information. Members information and discussions will be treated with the same discretion and confidence as a doctor’s office would. Also being a member of QualiMeds Collective gives you exclusive access to events and one of a kind deals at Toronto’s newest upscale Vapor Lounge “Planet Paradise”.


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